Bosses at a branch of the McDonald’s hamburger chain in the Dutch town of Lemmer came under fire after an employee was fired for making a fellow employee’s hamburger into a cheeseburger by adding an  extra slice of cheese.

You are Fired: Dutch woman fired at McDonalds for an extra slice of cheese

Interestingly, McDonalds rules state staff cannot give away products to staff, family and friends. And by giving the extra slice of cheese, the hamburger turned into a more expensive cheeseburger.


The judge said McDonalds had acted too severely in sacking the woman. ‘The cost of a slice of cheese is not comparable to a severe step such as redundancy,’ Nos quoted the judge as saying.

In addition, the branch manager had not asked the woman to explain her actions, nor had it taken any steps against the colleague who asked for the burger. It is unclear from the reports if the hamburger was actually paid for.

The sacked worker will not be reinstated but was awarded €4,500 in compensation – equivalent to five month’s wages plus holiday pay and interest, Nos said.



I wonder if a slice of cheese is worth $6,000 but McDonald’s still maintains that she broke rules that justify her getting sacked.