Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah Rodriguez, aka Wolfie Blackheart, is being brought up on charges of decapitating a dog after pictures of her holding the dogs head were spread across the internet.  She claims that the dog was already dead and she wanted to keep the head … uh, yeah, keep the head.  It turns out that this dog got lost, and it was her favorite, so she wanted its … head … to remember it by.

If you think thats strange …

Wolfie Blackheart

“I severed the head, boiled the head,” Wolfie said. “People make the mistake of hacking the spine, which will fracture the skull.”

She added, “You also have to put (the head) outside for the brains to leak out.”


Oh, so thats what I was doing wrong.  Thanks for clearing things up Wolfie.  It turns out, Wolfie has some experience in this matter.

“I would never kill a canine,” she said. “I am a canine.”

Lisa Rodriguez, Wolfie’s mom, said she supports her daughter’s career goal.

“I say, ‘Don’t sever heads in front of me,’” she said. “She usually does it in the woods.”

Wolfie cares lovingly for two huskies in the backyard.

Her room is a cluttered den plastered with posters of anime characters and howling wolves. On a high shelf, she collects heads, including the cleaned skulls of a coyote, ram and wild boar.

When a car ran over Pixie — her “best friend” — Wolfie cut off the chihuahua’s tiny head, cleaned it and placed it in a jar.

“I get requests on cats and stuff,” she said.


Well, the authorities aren’t all that pleased.  While Wolfie claims she is innocent, and strangely enough I believe her, it looks like this is going to be a long battle.  To make matters worse, Wolfie Blackheart suffers from Tourette’s syndrome.  This should make court all the more interesting to follow.  Being a complete wackjob never bides well in court.

Wolfie's skull collection

Headline stolen from Fark