Men are capable of doing crazy things for a dare, especially if the dare is given by some good looking young women. Russian men are no different.Three men undressed and entered the Novogireyevo station in Moscow after midnight (Sunday morning) and traveled without clothes in the Moscow subway.

Three men ride Moscow subway nude; all for a Dare!

Their fellow travellers were not so amused by the dare, they called in the  police. Police officials were waiting for them on the next station, but only one was caught.


“A police detail met them at the next station, Perovo, but only managed to detain one man, as the two others got into a train and escaped,” a police spokesman said.

“The detained 20-year-old Muscovite confessed that he and his friends bet with their acquaintances, young women, that they would go on a ride in the subway naked,” the spokesman said.

“The girls were waiting for them at the Perovo station,” he said, adding that the detained offender was fined and then released.



Good job guys, now you have proved yourself to be “idiots” yet again!