A Memphis resident called up 911 reporting a burglary in the house where two large televisions, an Xbox and other items – with a total value of more than $5,000 – had been stolen. Interestingly, the deputies had no problem cracking the case as they found that the alleged thief had left behind a calling card – his wallet. The wallet had his birth certificate, I.D. card and Social Security card.

26-Year old Agandus Osborn was arrested  and charged with aggravated burglary and theft.

Agandus Osborn


“It’s not often that an alleged criminal might leave a calling card,” said Shelby County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Shular. “This one happened to have not only a name and address, but a picture I.D. of the suspect.”

Osborn told deputies he was set up by someone else, said Shular, who said the Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office decided the wallet was evidence enough to bring charges.

Source: www.commercialappeal.com


Did he leave it by mistake or was he framed?