A Louis Vuitton bag can get you into trouble, especially if you the leader of the Sweden’s Social Democrat party, Mona Sahlin. She got into controversy after she was pictured with her peers with a $828 Louis Vuitton bag.

Mona Sahlin:Louis Vuitton bag can get you in trouble

Swedish newspapers and blogs were full of comments, some for support and rest for criticism.

“A Social Democrat party leader must always have social equality at the fore,” said left-wing writer Göran Greider to newspaper Aftonbladet.

“Consumerism comes from the rich. And the knock-on effect is that people loan money to be able to buy the same things. That’s why political leaders, especially from the left, must have a certain amount of responsibility. They need to be careful.”

Sahlin has not commented on the bag in question but her press secretary Camila Buzaglo told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that funds for it did not come out of Sahlin’s own pocket.

“It was given to her by a friend for her 50th birthday,” she said.

Barbro Hedvall, former opinion writer for Dagens Nyheter and author of the book Style and Politics (Stil och Politik), thinks the debate has gone too far. At the same time she says choice of attire for those in the public eye is important.

“Clothes, posture and even hairstyles have meaning,” she told SvD. “Mona Sahlin has changed her style radically since she became party leader from tough city girl with short skirts to something a bit more average. A bit boring I think.”

Some of Sahlin’s party peers have jumped to her defence, including former equality ombudsman Claes Borgström, speaking to Aftonbladet.

“Had it been a man with a bag in the same price category no one would have reacted this way,” he said.Source: www.thelocal.se

It does remind me of the Sarah Palin incident, but then Palin used party funds to herself and the family those expensive clothes and shoes.

I think it is wrong the scrutinize leaders for the kind for their choices in clothes and shoes but then Mona does belong to a socialist party!