TripAdvisor recently announced the list for dirtiest hotels in US.

The dirtiest hotels in US are...

The list is as follows (with some of the worst reviews on the site) –

1. Heritage Marina Hotel, San Francisco, California

“This hotel is like in a horrible horror movie! I have never seen a hotel like this. We arriverd in the room and immidietly a urine smell was getting over us. We opened the window, but we could not close it anymore. Al people from the street could enter our room if they know that. The carpet was verry dirty and had strange spots on it. That nite I could not sleep. Everytime the smell was waking me up. I could not ignore it, it was to present. The bed was the a nightmare. It smelled to urine and had strange spots. There were bedbugs in it. I catcht one and showed it the next morning to the lady of the reception. She was not nice to me and told me: Maybe in your country it is not normal to have bugs in bed, but in our (original) country it is, so I don’t know why you are complaining.”

“The location was good and the staff were friendly. Thats the only good thing! We arrived in our room which stank of smoke, had a shower which did not work abd was dirty. We requested to move room. The staff were really helpful and upgraded us to a suite. We thought this was great until we found that the toilet did not flush properly, the fridge smelt of rotten food and the bed was infested with biting creatures. We ended up with around 30 bites each and decided to move to a motel a few blocks away! When we asked for our money back the lady at front desk did not even seem suprised with our many bug bites…..i wonder how many times she has had the same complaint?”

2. Days Inn Eureka/Six Flags, Eureka, Missouri

My son and I stayed here on a trip home from Chicago area and if it weren’t for it having been so late, and my son not feeling well and being unable to go any further, we would never have stayed after seeing the room. I paid a lot for a room that was filthy, with bugs in the bathroom and something gross in the bathtub when I ran water for my son’s bath. I complained to management through the website after my stay with no response. We will NEVER stay there again!

3. Tropicana Resort Hotel, Virginia Beach, Virginia

The staff was very unfriendly and not at all helpful. The ice machine produces dirty ice and is not fit to use. The rooms/rugs/floors around the hotel are disgustingly filthy! If you are thinking of staying here, think again. The website is totally deceiving with offering great rooms at great prices. No, no, no! The rooms are terrible at ok prices. You can also hear everything from the other rooms and we are surrounded by teenagers making all kinds of racket (I am so looking forward to tonight…NOT!) The only thing good that I can say so far is that they are in a great location, but as for the hotel itself. NEVER AGAIN!!!

4. Super 8 Virginia Beach/At the Ocean, Virginia Beach, Virginia

It was absolutely horrible! The room smelled musty and was dark, run down and infested with bugs. We hung our bags from the hangers because we were afraid of taking bugs home! I didn’t sleep well because I was so creeped out at the idea of bugs crawling on me. The front desk staff was nice but I heard the housekeeping staff carrying on loud conversations that included several obscenities loud enough for all to hear. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT stay here!

5. Quality Inn, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
6. New York Inn, New York City, New York
7. Parisian Hotel & Suites, Miami Beach, Florida
8. Capistrano Seaside Inn, Capistrano Beach, California
9. Desert Lodge, Palm Springs, California
10. Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida


The list is based on TripAdvisor traveler reviews.

Is there any hotel you would like to add to the list?