The human habit of sleeping at work is probably as old as definition of work itself and we all have been guilty of just giving up to the honey drops of slumber. But it is not the same anywhere, we are surrounded with cameras and technology to share it with the whole world. So, gone are the days of getting away with sleeping on the job, because you never know who will tweet, facebook, mizozo, etc. it, like the one below –

Sleeping at Work: Sleeping Toronto Transit Commission Ticket Collector's Picture becomes online hit



The photo was taken by Jason Wieler on Jan. 9 around 10 p.m. at McCowan Station. On Thursday, he posted it on Twitpic with this caption: “Yup, love how my TTC dollars R being spent … “

Wieler was leaving the station when he saw the ticket agent catnapping in full view. “I stood by for at least five minutes and he was sleeping,” said Wieler.

Some riders were laughing while others were talking about him, he said. A few even went through without paying their fare or showing their Metropass. “I thought here we are, with a fare hike, and look how the money is being wasted.”

As soon as the photo was posted, the comments began piling up, mostly from annoyed transit users.

“I didn’t post to get anyone in trouble, but to highlight TTC problems,” said Wieler.

The TTC is taking it seriously, spokesman Brad Ross said.

“Employees have a responsibility with respect to safety of the station and the system,” said Ross. “We expect them to be always alert on their jobs. This is unacceptable.”

But he said there might have been extenuating circumstances.

“We are asking for an explanation.”



Though I do think sleeping at work is bad, but then please don’t take a picture and tweet or mizozo about it! It is just not right!