Charles Phillips with YaVaughnie Wilkins

We’ve all had a relationship or two with a crazy person.  One minute they are as sweet as can be, the next they are the devil incarnate.  Meet YaVaughnie Wilkins, not only is she psycho, but she has plenty of money to let the world know it, which is extremely unfortunate for Charles Phillips, her ex lover. 

YaVaughnie Wilkins was Charles Phillips mistress of eight years.  During those years it seems that Charles promised YaVaughnie that he is going to leave his wife … well, things didn’t quite work out the way she planned and now Charles has hell to pay for it.

There is crazy, there is stalker crazy and then there is this chick. She just raised the bar.  In her scorn she dumped upwards of $250,000 on 5 billboards across the USA (3 in New York City, 1 in Atlanta and 1 in San Francisco.

Billboard new Times Square

Now, that’s only the beginning.  Apparently YaVaughnie had ordered a website built to showcase their love for one another, home to photo albums that span their 8 year relationship.  For those that are curious, check out

Time Square Billboard Close Up

So, what does Charles have to say about this?  Not a whole lot … he is trying to stay on the down low.  The only information he gave was through a spokesman, stating “I had an 8½-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins. The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended, and we both wish each other well.”

So, to all you batshiat crazy women out there, this is a feat that will be hard to surpass so don’t even try (although, a part of me would love to see something even more crazy).  Also, if you are dating a married person, at least be prepared for a let down … this shouldn’t have been such a surprise, regardless of what was said in bed.

For the men, all I can say is this.  DON’T STICK YOUR DICK IN CRAZY!!!!!

Here are some more of the billboards I have found online:

Another NY Billboard

Billboard Somewhere

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