We are living in a very dangerous times where a harmless 11-year kid’s project causes a complete evacuation of a middle school just because it has an empty Gatorade bottle and some wires?

Police were called at Millennial Tech Middle School called San Diego police shortly after 11:30 a.m. on Friday January 15th 2010 when a 11-year old student brought a project, which he had made in his family’s garage made of a Gatorade bottle, wires, and electrical components. The whole thing was supposed to be a was a motion-detector device and there was no substance in the bottle.


Students and employees were cleared out of their classrooms and offices while a bomb squad was dispatched to inspect the device, which consisted of a Gatorade bottle with wires attached to it, said Maurice Luque, a spokesman for the city Fire-Rescue Department.

Officials decided to call in the explosives team to look over the object — which an administrator had confiscated and taken into a principal’s office — as a precaution.

The explosives team used a remote-control device and X-ray machine to scrutinize the device, eventually determining that it was harmless. The personnel issued an all-clear about 3 p.m., Luque said.

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11-Year old kid's project causes evacualtion


A MAST robot took pictures of the device and X-rays were evaluated. By 3 p.m., the device was determined to be harmless, Luque said.

Both the student and his parents were “very cooperative” with authorities, Luque said. He said fire officials also went to the student’s home and checked the garage to make sure items there were neither harmful nor explosive.

“There was nothing hazardous at the house,” Luque said.

The student will not be prosecuted, but authorities were recommending that he and his parents get counseling, the spokesman said. The student violated school policies, but there was no criminal intent, Luque said.

“There will be no (criminal) charges whatsoever,” Luque said.

Police and fire officials also will not seek to recover costs associated with responding to the incident, the spokesman said.

Luque said both the student and his parents were extremely upset.

“He was very shaken by the whole situation, as were his parents,” Luque said

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The incidence does make you wonder if we are living in so much fear that it is making us paranoid?