British Police Officers got very creative with their riot-shields when they started using it to sledge down a hill at Boars Hill, Oxford (UK). Someone took the video of the fun and posted it online –


Obviously, the video got famous and resulted in  officers getting reprimanded.

Video: British Police officers caught on camera sledging down a hill on their riot-shields


Rick Latham, 50, said: “We were having a laugh trying to get done the slope in a kayak.

“When the police turned-up I thought they were going to give us a hard time.

“Then one of them grabbed the shield and another one went down on it as well.”

Superintendent Andrew Murray, Oxford City commander, said: “The snow has a habit of bringing out the child in all of us.

“I have spoken to the officers concerned and reminded them in no uncertain terms that tobogganing on duty is a very bad idea.”

But some of the comments posted on YouTube supported the officers.

Veronica said: “Good for them, it’s a hard job to do, let them have some fun instead of the grief they usually have to put up with.”



What is wrong with bunch of guys having some fun with their shields? Please leave them alone!