Mohammed Abdul-Fazal Chowdhury, 22-year old Bangladeshi native, was found dead in his cell at 4pm on Friday Macomb County Jail (near Detroit) with his penis severed and throat slashed with a razor blade from a shaving tool available through the jail’s commissary. Interestingly the severed penis is still missing.

Murder or Suicide? Muslim Inmate found dead in a cell with slashed throat and severed penis

The death has been ruled out as a suicide.


“Although strange, these were self-inflicted wounds,” said Hackel, adding Macomb County Medical Examiner Dan Spitz ruled the death a suicide.

“There is no question — this person took his own life.”

“Two individuals, who performed the ritual washing and shrouding of Chowdhury’s body, witnessed a laceration across his neck, mutilation of his genitalia and a bruise on the back of his right shoulder,” Walid’s letter states.

“The nature of the wounds reportedly caused by a low-grade commissary shaver has raised question as to whether these wounds were self-inflicted.”

Hackel said the findings will be turned over to the prosecutor’s office for an independent review, but investigators found no signs of foul play.

“Nobody believes any of those inmates had anything to do with his death,” he said. “If I felt that there was any indication that a prisoner had done something…we’d have no problem holding that person accountable.”Source:


Despite the report, people from the Muslim community got concerned due to graphic nature of his death and want to make sure that it wasn’t a homicide.


News of the graphic injuries prompted some relatives, Muslim leaders and Metro Detroit advocacy groups to question if his death may have been a homicide.

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Southfield-based CAIR, who is assisting the NAACP and will take part in the meeting, sent the letter one day after the organization requested a copy of the autopsy report on Chowdhury.

“We are glad that Sheriff Hackel responded so quickly to the community’s request,” Walid said.

Hackel said Chowdhury’s death — like that of any other jail inmate — was investigated as a homicide. But the outcome in this case revealed Chowdhury was the victim of his own actions, the sheriff said.Source:


He was awaiting trial in the stabbing death of his wife, Suraia Parbin Miah, 25 whom he married in 2005.

Prosecutors said Chowdhury stabbed his wife to death Monday morning inside the Sterling Heights Luxury Apartments on 14 Mile Road.

At about 1:30 a.m., police said Chowdhury called 911 from a phone booth near the complex and said three unknown men entered the apartment and killed his wife.When officers arrived, Chowdhury was covered in blood and his wife was lying face down on the kitchen floor with numerous stab wounds to her upper body. The couple’s 2-year-old son was sleeping in the next room.

Chowdhury was immediately arrested and police said that during questioning, he changed his story several times, Reese said. Sterling Heights Police Chief Mike Reese said they had to get an interpreter because of the language barrier. The 22-year-old husband moved from Bangladesh in May. A neighbor who did not want to be identified told Local 4 she heard some screaming. “I heard someone yelling and screaming and more yelling. Someone was yelling, ‘Oh my god, oh my God,” she said.

Police said they have responded to the residence before on a domestic violence call. “There was not any physical altercations or assaults that took place at that time,” said Reese.
However, Reese said he thinks something happened Monday morning that set Chowdhury off.Source:

My questions –

  • Why would someone first severe his penis and then slash their neck to die? Doesn’t it sound like an overkill?
  • What caused the bruise on the back of the right shoulder? Was he beaten up first?
  • Where is the severed penis? If he was trying to commit suicide, would he first hide and then slash his throat?
  •  Interestingly, jail officials did not hear or see anything as Chowdhury had shut the door and covered the window of the room he shared with another inmate. Why would he do that?

Was he first tortured and then murdered because he was Muslim or different? Or was he psycho enough to close the door/cover the window, beat himself up, the slash his penis, hide it somewhere secure and slash his throat and then silently let himself bleed to death? Was it really a cold blooded suicide?