A 19-year teenage girl was made to wear plastic bags by London Gatwick Airport’s security chiefs as her Goth boots were thought to be a terrorist risk. The shoes had to be checked in with her luggage as the steel plates riveted to the outside “could” have been used in an attack and she had to walk in plastic bags in freezing cold.

Goth shoes considered a security threat on flight; Teenager made to wear plastic bags


“I was treated like a terrorist. I was asked by officers to follow them and questioned for an hour,” said Sara M., 19, who cannot be fully named for legal reasons.

“I was crying because I was so angry. I begged to be allowed to board the plane. I will never forget what happened,” she added.

Sara – who lives in Britain but was visiting her Austrian boyfriend – was finally allowed on the flight to Vienna after removing the boots.

“I never had any problems with my boots because of the metal plates before.

“I had to hand them in as luggage and got plastic bags to put over my feet instead. I had to get on the plane like that over the frozen runway. It was very embarrassing,” she told Austrian daily newspaper Heute.Source: www.croatiantimes.com


I think the whole idea of random check is very stupid. Thanks to the random check, you see kids and elderly going through “special” screening just because they had a dime in their pocket or a metal hip. We need to have an intelligent system where we are truly secure, not with random checks and strange do-s and don’t-s on flights.