On January 3rd 2010, 41-Year old Basim Salim Abdul-Rahim (also known as James Thomas Triblett) was feeling a little too comfy at SeaTac bar 13 Coins. So, as anyother super weirdo, he placed his container of Vaseline on the table (that he always carries with him), took his male organ out of his pants, lubricated the hands/organ and then starting jerking off, all while staring at the female bartender. The bartender didn’t share the comfort and called the cops. Luckily he escaped before their arrival but he left his container of Vaseline behind.

Serial bar mastubator caught vaseline-handed

Undeterred, he returned back 2 days later to replay his favorite sport, but this time didn’t get lucky and was caught by the police with his hands and dick well lubricated with vaseline.

He was charged with indecent exposure with sexual motivation. But was released later on bond.


Two days later he allegedly returned to the restaurant, prompting the bartender to call the police to report that a man who’d repeatedly exposed himself was siting at the bar, according to court documents. Deputies arrested Abdul-Rahim, finding his hands coated with petroleum jelly.

Confronted by police, Abdul-Rahim allegedly admitted to frequenting the bar but denied following the bartender, according to prosecutors’ statements.

Questioned about his Vaseline-covered hands, he said he’d been having phone sex with his wife, prosecutors alleged. She denied the claim but offered that her husband had previously been convicted on similar charges in Clallam County.


Source: blog.seattlepi.com


Wanking in public while staring at a hot bartender is a “serious” crime, so psychos and weirdos please refrain from your favorite sport.