24-Year old Orlando woman Alexandra Espinosa-Amaya was seen standing outside the Orlando Police Department with a home-made sign saying –

“I battered a police officer.

I was wrong.

I apologize”

She drew it on a blue poster board decorated with flowers.

Alexandra Espinosa-Amaya: I battered a police officer, I was wrong, I apologize!

Standing with the board was part of her punishment for pushing Sgt. Andrew Brennan on Nov. 29, 2008 when he attempted to help a club bouncer who was removing her and her sister. The punishment also includes –

  • two years’ probation
  • write an apology letter
  • perform 50 hours of community service and
  • attend an anger-management class.


The incident occurred more than a year ago shortly after midnight on Espinosa-Amaya’s birthday. She said she and her sister were kicked out of the club after she attached a balloon to her wrist.

According to a police report, Brennan noticed a bouncer escorting two “combative” women out of the club. He approached, telling the women to leave.

That’s when Espinosa-Amaya pushed Brennan in the face with her palm and knocked off his glasses. He forced her to the ground and handcuffed her. Her sister, Natalia Espinosa-Amaya, 22, kicked him, according to the police report.

Source: www.palmbeachpost.com


Obviously Alexandra is not very happy with the punishment.

“It’s humiliating and it doesn’t teach my anything,” Espinosa-Amaya said outside the courtroom and before she headed to the police station. “But if Officer Brennan is happy and feels a little better, I’ll do it.”

There is some discrepency between stories – Alexandra claims that the she didn’t know that Brennan was an officer as he was in plain clothes but he claims otherwise that he was in uniform.

I think she got away with an easy punishment? Most of the cases, there is some jail time for assault on an officer. What do you think?