140-Character angry message exchanges on Twitter seem to have resulted in 22-year old nursing student Kwame Dancy‘s murder in Harlem, New York. It is reported that he was exchanging angry tweets with 22-year old childhood friend Jameg Blake which resulted in Jameg allegedly killing Kwame by shooting him in the neck. It seems that their friendship had gone sour sometime back. They had even fought over a girl last last summer.

Blame it on Twitter: First Twitter Murder Reported


Blake – who lived on the same floor as Dancy, one floor below Paterson in the luxury high-rise on W. 132nd St. – was arrested two days later.

Charged with murder, he pleaded not guilty Wednesday and was held without bail.

Police sources said the two had a rocky relationship and the Twitter messages they posted – with friends jumping in – only made it worse.

Hours before the shooting, Dancy may have taunted Blake with a tweet: “N—–s is lookin for u don’t think I won’t give up ya address for a price betta chill asap!

Blake’s Twitter account is also full of online disses, though only one tweet mentions Dancy by name: “R.I.P. Kwame” on Dec.3.

A police source said the messages may be subpoenaed to bolster the theory that there was bad blood between the two old pals.

But the Twitter beef wasn’t the only strain; Dancy and Blake fought last summer over a girl in front of Lenox Terrace, sources said.

Source: www.nydailynews.com

Twitter Murder: Kwame Dancy, Jameg Blake
Interestingly, after the shooting Blake went to the hospital and hugged his father.



“Either he wanted to see if he actually killed [Kwame] or he wanted to see if anyone knew he did it,” Smith said.

Authorities have a witness who identified Blake as the gunman, and video shows Blake leaving Lenox Terrace around the time of the shooting with a bag large enough to hold a shotgun.

Records also show Blake used his phone around the time and place of the shooting. The murder weapon, a shotgun with a spent shell, was recovered with two shirts in Central Park.

Source: www.nydailynews.com


I wonder if in the future we will see more online beefs transforming into bigger real life fights or even murders?