Australian woman Kathleen Evans, 66, from New South Wales (UK) was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in 1993  and was given 2 months to live.  But Kathleen didn’t give up hope. She regularly prayed to Mother Mary MacKillop and wore her relic. Ten months after the diagnosis, the cancerous tumor was gone leaving behind medical experts baffled.

Kathleen Evans, pictured at Mary Mackillop Memorial Chapel, North Sydney, with husband Barry and children Annette and Luke


“I’m not on my knees all the time, I’m just an ordinary person. If I miss mass, I don’t think I’m going to go to hell or anything like that,” she said.

But in her greatest hour of need, when she was so sick with cancer that her husband would have to lie on her to stop her shaking, a close friend gave Mrs Evans a relic of Mary MacKillop.

She pinned it to her nightie, and began praying to God, with Mary MacKillop’s help. “All I had left was prayer. I was a great believer in prayer,” she said.

“I was unable to get out of bed for any length of time . . . I couldn’t bath or shower or even use the toilet on my own.”

As she continued praying, Mrs Evans’s aches and pains began to ease.

“Instead of my health deteriorating, I started getting stronger,” she said.

As her health improved, Mrs Evans defied doctors who told her “you shouldn’t be here”.

Exactly 10-months after being diagnosed with cancer, Mrs Evans went back for more tests which revealed the tumours had gone. “There was no sign of cancer anywhere, just scarring where the cancer had been,” she said.

Her doctor even requested the tests be repeated because there was no explanation for the cure.

“I didn’t have any treatment, so there was no explanation there,” she said.Source:


The relic was given to Kathleen by a friend.


“A very close friend heard Kath had been sent home to die and she wanted to give her something to keep her spirits up, if nothing more,” Mr Evans explained.

“So she went to her dressing table and picked up a bottle of Lourdes water and the relic and she doesn’t know why she chose the relic for Kath – but thank God she did.”



The miracle has been identified by the Vatican as the second miracle of Mother Mary MacKillop. Mother Mary’s first miracle, the curing of a woman who had leukaemia in 1961, was approved by the Vatican in 1993. This means that Australia will have its first saint.


But Pope Benedict XVI last month approved her recovery as Mother Mary’s second miracle, one of the final steps in a complex and often years-long process before sainthood can be bestowed.

Mrs Evans, a mother of five and grandmother of 20, says it is a privilege to know she had been part of a proposed canonisation.

“It makes me very humble to be a part of Australia’s first saint – it’s pretty big,” she said.

No date has been set for her canonisation ceremony, which is expected to take place some time in 2010.



Interestingly, they have been offered money to tell their story but refuse to financially benefit from it despite the fact that they lost their home and a takeaway business in Newcastle during her recovery.


What do you guys think? Miracle or body’s capacity to heal by itself or medication that really worked?