Chalk up another one for America’s justice system, 78 year old Gabrielle Shaink Trudeau was arrested for driving on a suspended license, which apparently wasn’t suspended at all, and then she was left in the jail cell for 15 days after the fact was discovered.  To make matters worse, she was never even confronted by a court appointed attorney.


A 78-year-old Hallandale Beach grandmother ticketed for driving with a suspended driver’s license spent 15 days in jail before authorities announced her license wasn’t suspended and an outraged judge set her free.

County Court Judge Lee J. Seidman ordered Gabrielle Shaink Trudeau’s release in December at her arraignment.

“She’s handcuffed like Houdini, for the record. She’s got chains around her waist, and she’s got handcuffs in front around her hands as if she was some kind of a violent criminal,” the judge said, according to a transcript. “I want her released. I think she’s suffered enough at our system’s mistakes.”



Earlier in 2009, Trudeau was conned out of $20,000 on a Jamaican land-sale scam.  The trailer park where she lived was then trying to evict her for non payment on her rent.  It looks like Trudeau just had a terrible 2009.

The year ended on a high note, and 2010 looks to be a great year for her.  The judge apologized to her, and she accepted:

“On behalf of the system of so-called justice, I apologize,” Judge Seidman said. “I accept that,” replied Shaink Trudeau.Source:

That ends her 2009.  What makes 2010 so good, you may ask?  Well, the lawsuit settlement, of course.  I don’t think Trudeau will have to worry about money for the rest of her … uh … loooong life.

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