The Anderson family of Longmont just had a terrible experience with their child.  Their daughter, Trinity Anderson, put a dangling USB chord in her mouth and managed to sustain Third Degree Burns to her tongue, roof of her mouth and inner cheek.  Being a parent, I can only imagine how traumatic that would be for the parents.

The father recaps the situation like so:

“Trinity crawled behind the chair her mom was in, and when her mom didn’t see Trinity pop back out the other side, she looked behind the chair and saw Trinity face down,” Jeff Anderson said.Source:

However traumatic the experience may be, there is a slight problem in parents story.  A USB chord only holds a 5 Volt charge.  It is virtually impossible for a child to sustain third degree burns from 5 volts of electricity.

While I am in no way trying to lay blame on the parents for this, kids can put the strangest thing in their mouths and often with terrible consequences, it seems that there is more to this story than they are letting on (or possibly more than they know).  I just find it really hard to believe that a USB chord could do that kind of damage.

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