Don’t you hate it when your car breaks down on the freeway, you call the tow company and are then forced to listen to phone sex?  After I run into the bushes for a few minutes, I hate it too. 

Some New Years Eve revelers had a similar problem.  It looks like a towing company had a toll free number to call to get a free tow home, probably to keep as many drunks off the road as possible.  However, those that called the number got a little surprise …

Some New Year’s Eve revelers in Carlsbad who had a little too much to drink got a surprise when they called a toll-free number for a free tow home.

Instead of assistance, they got instructions to call a second toll-free number that offered pornographic conversation.

AAA Texas and New Mexico acknowledged the mistake and blamed it on a typographical error. Spokesman Dan Roman apologized to anyone who called the number and wasn’t able to take advantage of the tow offer.


I guess nobody wanted to take advantage of a free sex line … probably because that part wasn’t too free.  Well, I just hope this story had a Happy Ending.

Headline stolen from Fark