Secret Services got under fire recently for letting 3 people (Salahi couple and Carlos Allen) gate crash into President Obama’s first state dinner at the White House for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But they were finally able to make up the mistake yesterday at 5pm by arresting the naked jogger near the White House.

Naked Jogger arrested near White House


The man shed his clothes near 15th and E streets, at the northwest corner of the Ellipse, about 5 p.m. Wednesday, then began running up and down E Street, apparently not dissuaded by the 25-degree windchill factor as the sun set, Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said.

“He wasn’t yelling or protesting. Just going for a jog,” Wiley said.

Secret Service and D.C. police officers chased the man after he refused to stop.

“He was apprehended, naked though he was,” Wiley said.

But the man’s jog created another problem: The bag into which he packed his clothes before setting off on his run had been left unattended, meaning it had to be classified as a suspicious package. The Secret Service cordoned off the area and investigated the bag, and, after determining it contained only the man’s cast-off garments, cleared the scene.

The man is in Secret Service custody but has not been charged, Wiley said.



It is important to note that it was near freezing temperature of 35F during the time of his run.

Possible reason to run –

  • Dare
  • Checking how the junk reacts to freezing temperature
  • Anti-war protest
  • Terrorism (must be kidding)
  • Mentally unstable

I think the last one seems most probable.

Would love to know your thoughts…