Omar bin LadenIt turns out that after Osama Bin Laden squandered the family fortune, forcing his family to live in huts with no electricity or running water, Osama went mad with rage.  He had completely lost it and could only find one outlet on which to let loose his rage … USA.

Just kidding, he is crazy terrorist plain and simple. Not only that, but apparently he is also a psychopathic father.  One of his millions of sons, Omar bin Laden, decided to write a book detailing life with this psychopath.

The whole story can be found on ABC News, but the following little snippet says a lot:


The mother and son write that the kids grew up in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Afghanistan without laughter or toys, were routinely beaten, and lost their pets to painful death from poison gas experiments by their father’s fighters.

When they became young adults, their father asked them to volunteer for suicide missions. When Omar protested, bin Laden was quoted as replying: “You hold no more a place in my heart than any man or boy in the entire country. This is true for all my sons.”



Honestly, was anyone surprised by that?  Anyone?  The Gas Experiments is a bit new, but that’s about it.

Growing Up Bin Laden

While the interview is telling, I am sure the book Growing Up bin Laden will have lots of other juicy tidbits in it as well.  Omar sat with his British wife giving the interview, so considering he is no longer a billionaire he is probably hoping for a nice payday … them Arab women expect nothing less than Maybachs and Ferraris.

Omar bin Laden with Wife

Just look at that picture, you can tell who wears the pants in that family.  After living with a psycho, and now with that woman, Omar had to think of something quick, and what can be better than a book deal?

Side Note: I know nothing of Omar’s wife and my criticism of her is meant in jest … please, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!!!!