Christine Locasio and Steven Alan Locasio

What a bunch of jokers.  These idiots had their pot stolen and a note was left behind:

We got your Pot

Well, they fell for it … they had no reason to suspect the police, they were probably high when they originally read it.  Just some advice, if you loose your Marijuana, just let it go man.

I copied the full story from Sun-Sentinal

A marijuana grower thought his small crop was being held for ransom after a suspicious note was left in place of his plants, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Thanks for the grow! You want them back? Call for the price … we’ll talk,” read the note left in place of the stash that was growing on a lot near his apartment.

Unfortunately for Steven Alan Locasio, 48, the ransom note was written by detectives, who arrested Locasio when he showed up with $200 in exchange for the safe return of the pot plants.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a resident called to report that the plants were growing in a wooded lot off of Coco Plum Drive in Marathon. Police found six plants, took them for evidence and left behind the note. Locasio called the number to arrange the exchange.

He handed detectives the cash and they arrested him, the Sheriff’s Office said. A search of his apartment turned up 20 more marijuana plants, several Oxycontin pills and $1,380 in cash.

Locasio and his wife, Christine Locasio, 50, were both charged with cultivation of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and sale of marijuana.

The most interesting thing is the pot picture attached to the article.  What is it?  The article says its the confiscated pot … really???  What do you think?

Confiscated Marijuana