Gary Pivoda may seem like an ordinary janitor to those that work with him, but to the trained eye he is a criminal mastermind.  He built himself an intricate workshop where he defrauds the government, spies on his coworkers, does copious amounts of drugs and manages an intricate network of organized crime.

Just kidding, he is just a druggie that likes to sleep on the job.  Gary Pivoda converted an area of a parking garage into a small lounge where he would watch TV, do a little drinking, some occasional drugs … you know, relaxing.  Unfortunately, this was done on tax payers expense, hence they managed to piss off a few people.  So, where did they spend their time?

Man Cave

Gary Pivoda, a janitor in Albany, today was sentenced to a year behind bars for his role in the “man cave” case.  In November he and his supervisor pleaded guilty to low-level felonies as part of a plea deal.  Pivoda goes to jail, the supervisor gets probation, and they have to pay the state back a total of $3,600.  Oh, and they both lost their jobs.  Source:

Poor saps, didn’t they realize that there are surveillance cameras throughout the place?  Stupid is as stupid does.  Stupid criminals are fun to watch.  The two managed to keep this a secret for a few months, which is strange enough.  If they had planned this just a bit better, considering they are state employees, this could have gone on indefinitely.

Check out the surveillance video:

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