22-Year old Jared Weston Walter has been accused of cutting hair of unsuspected female passengers on Milwaukie’s TriMet buses. He is reported to have cut 3 women’s hair in the last 6 weeks. He is also reported to have super-glued passenger hair.


“I was shocked,” said one victim. “I mean, it never crossed my mind that a guy will cut my hair on the bus.”

It was Christmas Eve, the victim said, on the way home from work on the 33 McLoughlin bus when this victim said she suddenly felt something.

“I started feeling something going on behind my neck, like someone touching me,” said the victim.

She looked at the man sitting behind her after they both got off the bus.

“When I got off, I touched my hair and I felt like it was shorter and like my sister picked me up and I told her like, ‘I think this guy just cut my hair,'” said the victim.

A week later on New Year’s Eve, another woman got off the bus at the Milwaukie Transit Center, realized the man sitting behind her had sliced off some of her hair. She flagged down a transit officer who caught Jared Weston Walter, 22.

Walters’ former neighbors suspect he was the one sneaking into apartments at night there. Danielle Oliver woke to find an oily substance coating her hair.

“It had stained my pillowcase and my shirt and I just started shaking and crying,” said Oliver. “I realized then that somebody had been in our house.”

Investigators believe Walter put Super Glue in at least one victim’s hair. Court records show Walter was convicted in a similar case in May 2009 in the Tacoma area. His latest alleged victim said Walter stole more than just her hair, but her security.

Source: www.krqe.com


Hair Cutting Fetish Guy: Jared Weston Walter.

Jared did plead “not guilty” to all charges.

This guy, if guilty, definitely has a hair fetish, particularly hair-cutting fetish. A psychiatric evaluation might be necessary.