A lot of us have strange relatives. They can be strange enough not to spend time with them especially during the holiday season. A Sicilian man was so fed up his relatives that he stole sweets and a packet of chewing gum so he could get arrested and spend New Year’s Eve in a jail cell rather than be with his wife and relatives.

Crazy Relatives


The 35-year old Sicilian first showed up at a police station on Thursday asking to be arrested because he preferred spending the night in prison rather than with his family, but was rebuffed because he had not committed a crime, the Agi news agency said.

The man immediately went to a tobacco shop next door, where he threatened the owner with a box cutter as he grabbed a few sweets and a packet of gum. He then waited until police arrived to arrest him for robbery, the news agency said.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com


How about checking into a hotel?