Recently, they opened a new sushi restaurant in Sevastopol, called ‘Gold Dragon’. At the grand opening, Ukrainian chiefs decided to impress their guests by making the largest record-breaking sushi picture in Ukraine. Their 1.97 m x 2.3 m creation depicts the logo of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship which, as you know, is going to take place in Ukraine and Poland.

It took 11 chiefs just 34 minutes to make the sushi picture.


A table (made of 4 tables!) for the chiefs to work on.

‘National Record Registry’.

Members of the National Record Registery have come to register the record.

First rolls of the picture.

‘Japanese’ people.

Rolls are laid out according to the colours of the stencil.

20 minutes later.

The more they do the more difficult the work gets.

Guests are taking photos with the picture.

Here it is! The 4.667 square meters sushi picture!

An expert of the National Record Registry is presenting the chief with a record-breaking certificate.

After that, they held an auction and sold the picture for 7000 UAH.

The money was donated to the Sevastopol Orphanage. The winner of the auction decided to share the picture with those present.

It took the chiefs 70 kilograms of rice, 15 kilograms of fish, 2.5 kilograms of vegetables and 1.5 kilogram of cream cheese to make the sushi picture.

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