International Union for Conservation of Nature presented a new list of endangered species, according to Christina Nadotti in the material published on the website of the newspaper La Repubblica .

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) presented an updated list of animals that we run the risk of never seen, or at least not seen in areas where they once lived. For example, hirola, type of antelope, which once vodilas only on the border between Somalia and Kenya, black rhino subspecies, or who lived in West Africa, wiped out by hunters because of its horn, “- says the publication.

The report of IUCN emphasized that, despite the program to preserve species, 25% of mammals could disappear in the next few years. Among the species, over which hangs the greatest threat of extinction, are other types of rhinos. These are animals that live in areas where there is no necessary political support for the fight against poachers and protect the habitats of endangered animals “- the author writes.

“Along with the new IUCN report appeared document organization that protects the rights of Aborigines, Survival International. The organization recalls that the indigenous population is of fundamental importance for the conservation of forests in the world. The organization emphasizes that the fate of humans and animals are closely linked,” – the author writes.

Source: La Repubblica