Some of the Etiquette of Using a Limo Service

A lot of people hire a limo to make a special occasion even more special. Limousines are about style and luxury. This is also why, if you are looking for a limo service Los Angeles California is probably the best place to go. After all, if any place is known for its style and luxuriousness, it has to be Los Angeles. It is important, however, to stick to a number of etiquette rules when you do hire a limo.

Be Respectful

Naturally, you have to be respectful of your drive and of the vehicle itself. When you rent a limo, you must treat it as if it were your own property. So don’t throw your trash about, don’t rip the upholstery, don’t spill your drinks and so on. Remember that the limo is someone’s livelihood, so be respectful of that. Similarly, your driver is not your slave. Be nice to him or her at all times.

Seating Capacity

Every limo is only able to carry a certain amount of people. You must respect these limits. Not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is a legal requirement. You wouldn’t be the first person to hire a limo and simply tell all your friends to come along. Unfortunately, there is no way that a limo will be able to carry more people than its official seating capacity. If they were to do that, their insurance would be invalid. What is more likely to happen is that your entire service agreement will be cancelled and nobody will get to ride.

Focus on the Law

Wherever you rent your limo, there will be certain laws that you have to stick to. In Los Angeles, these laws are particularly tough. Some of the rules you are likely to have to stick by include not standing up and putting your head through the sunroof, not drinking alcohol if you are underage, not using recreational drugs and so on. If you break these rules, your service agreement can be terminated on the spot (and you may face criminal charges).

Personal Belongings

Your valuable are your own responsibility. Do not leave anything behind, even if you have rented the limo to come back or even wait for you. If your personal items are lost or stolen, you will not be covered for them.


It is customary to tip your driver if they delivered a good service. If you tip when you eat or drink out, then you should tip your limo service as well. A tip of 15% to 20% is customary. Give the tip to your limo driver in a closed envelope at the end of the day. If tipping is not customary, you will have been informed about this with your rental agreement. If, however, nothing has been said about tipping, then you can assume you will be expected to give a tip. Naturally, this is only if you have actually received a good service.