Most precious architectural monument in Europe is… the Eiffel Tower. Experts of the Chamber of Commerce province of Monza and Brianza (Italy) estimated the cost of 435 billion euros.

This is six times more than the value of the Roman Colosseum (91 billion euros), which was in second place in the rankings, writes The Telegraph .

The top five most expensive buildings in Europe also entered the Tower of London (70.5 million euros), and the English Stonehenge was in seventh place with a score of 10.5 billion euros.

Other famous attractions of European authors noted ranking Cathedral (82 billion euros) and Madrid’s Prado Museum (59 billion euros).

Besides European monument specialists decided to evaluate and the White House: the official residence of the President of the United States was estimated at 81 billion euros. As for the Kremlin in Moscow, he is in the list of expensive European monuments missed.