The 10 Best Countries Of The World For Solo Travelers

To many travelers, traveling alone is a great idea if you want to see the world. By traveling alone, you get a chance to experience the world with no influence of a partner. Your decisions are not effected by anyone’s preferences, prejudices or tastes. You get to meet other travels from across the globe.

But here we have a list of 10 best countries for you should your intent is to travel solo. These 10 destinations offer a variety of cultures, customs and languages. All of them are happy and safe. So, let us find out more about them.

1. New Zealand

Go to New Zealand where you can leave for adventures on glaciers, on the Southern Alps, and in rainforests. Of course, New Zealand offers jet boating, hiking on Milford Track and bungee jumping. Apart from this, you get to meet some really open-minded and friendly people.

2. Norway

Norway is an expensive country that is about 1,000 miles long. You may go for a Hurtigruten coastal steamer sailing up the cost of this great destination, into Bergen and via some of the incredibly fascinating fjords, making a short stay at some ports along the way. Alternatively, you can register for a good local outfitter for a trek. The accommodations range from high quality comfy hotels to huts constructed on mountains.

3. Switzerland

The people of Switzerland are popular for not poking their nose into other people’s businesses. To get ready, all you need is one Swiss Rail Pass and a pair of high quality hiking boots. You may start off by staying a few days in Zurich. Afterwards, you may leave for the shores of Lake Geneva to enjoy the nightlife, bistros and the beautiful museums of Montreux and Lausanne prior to leaving for Ticino region.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is also known as the happiest country of the world. This destination has been visited by Americans for a long time now. They come here to do surfing on the Pacific coast. Some of them choose to do rafting for a day on the crystal clear water of Pacuare rivers.

5. Austria

For solo travelers, Vienna is on the list of the most ideal cities of the world. You may start with good concert halls, museums and some cafes where they expect you to linger, which is a Viennese tradition. Another small destination is Salzburg, which is also worth a visit. The city offers a great rail network allowing you to travel from one place to another with ease.

6. Vietnam

The street life in Vietnam is safe and colorful in all cities of the country, where you are leaving for Ben Thanh market or Dong Xuan Market. Doing Tai chi with loads of other people by Hoan Kiem lake is fun. You can then head for the great mountains of the Central Highlands on a trek in a company of a local outfitter. There are a lot of other fun things to do in Vietnam.

7. Chile

Generally, Chileans are considered friendly and welcoming. Chile is a country with a lot of deserts, lengthy coastline and lots of mountains. The points to visit are Atacama Desert, Patagonia or Chiloe Island. You will enjoy a lot I bet.

8. Japan (tie)

After a multiday stay in the fascinating Tokyo, you can get on a bullet train riding past the great Mount Fuji in order to experience the beauty of old Kyoto. Keeping the needs of single travelers in mind, Lodgings in both modern hotels and ryokan inns are designed well. You can take a hot spring bath, dine at a sushi restaurant or meditate peacefully in a Zen garden.

8. Sweden (tie)

Traveling in Stockholm is easy for those traveling on their own. Are you looking for sea kayaking? Are you looking for a chance to spend a day riding a bike exploring the parks of the city? It’s doable and easy. You have outdoor cafes, Moderna Museet and a lot of other fun stuff. Aside from the charms of city life, you can enjoy trekking in the north in the company of an outfitter.

10. Indonesia

In Indonesia, you can visit temples, do yoga on the beach, eat cheap food, live in lodges and get massages. Aside from this, you can include an international roster of spiritual seekers, hedonists and backpackers. For most of solo travelers from West, Bali is one of the most popular destinations.

So, this was a brief description of 10 best countries of the world for solo travelers. Hope you liked it.