A 5-hour computer outage at United Airlines resulted in 31 flights canceled and 105 flights delayed resulting in thousands of stranded passengers. The outage happened late Friday which is normally a busy time for airlines with limited re-booking options resulting in a lot of stranded passengers.


“I’m just amazed at how catastrophic the failure was,” said Jason Huggins, 35, who was trying to fly home to Chicago after a week working at his software company’s San Francisco headquarters. “All the computer screens were blank, just showing the United logo.”Source: www.google.com


On a given day United Airlines cancels 15-30 flights out of their daily 3000+ flights due to maintenance or staffing issues. So, the Friday’s incident doesn’t seem that big but the difference is that airlines are usually well-prepared for regular issues, not irregular issues like technology shutdown.


“The poor, poor ticket agents were just bewildered and sitting behind the counter. Everybody was just staring and didn’t know what to do,” Ryan said. “The line grew and grew and then people went from sitting down to lying down.”Source: www.google.com

Network issues related to Phoenix based facility have been reported to be the cause of the problem.

United airlines is advising passengers to print their boarding pass at home instead of airport kiosk.

United passengers flying the rest of the weekend have been advised to print out their boarding pass at home instead of at airport kiosks. By 3 a.m. Eastern time, United had announced on Twitter that things were returning to normal: “Flight status and flight rebooking are fully refreshed on united.com. Thanks again for your patience.” Officials did not elaborate.Source: www.google.com

Airlines are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Does make you wonder if this problem is going to repeat again?