Kann Trichan, 50-year old chef from from Chiang Mai (Thailand), uses a strange way to deep fry chicken – he dips his bare hands into boiling hot oil to deep fry food like rice, chicken, etc. Interestingly, he suffers no burning or blisters whatsoever!

No, he is no fraud as he has even earned a Guinness World Record for pulling 20 pieces of chicken out of 480 degree oil in a minute.


Mr Trichan discovered his talent seven years ago when he was splashed with searing hot oil after a feasting squirrel knocked a mango into his frying wok.

‘The fat flew everywhere, all over my head, arms, hands. It should have seriously hurt me,’ he said about the initial oil bath.

‘I remember looking in the mirror, expecting to see blisters and red blotches, but there was nothing.

‘Now I can fry rice, chicken, and many things with just my bare hands,

‘When I put my hands into the oil it feels hot but it doesn’t burn or blister my skin.’

Scooping his deep fried delicacies out from the wok has earned Mr Trinchan world-wide acclaim and people travel far and wide to visit his food stall which lies near the Chiang Mai technical college, 470 miles north of Bangkok.

‘The people were loving it. They’ve never seen anything like it before,’ he said.

‘People were coming from all over just to buy my chicken and watch me spoon it out with hands,

‘It’s crazy, but my stall gets busier and busier every day with tourists and customers wanting to see me.’Source: www.metro.co.uk

Please don’t try this at home. Trust me, hot oil does burn flesh, at least for the usual mortals!