While vacationing in Cancun recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Hard Rock Resort. I was so impressed by their facilities that I chose to join Legendary Preferred Destinations. Many things were promised, and while some of the items were on point, the majority were gross exaggerations of the truth with several items being outright lies.

A few weeks back I posted detailed account of my experience and how the Legendary salesman go about convincing people to join their club. As the old saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. And so it came to pass with Club Legendary. This post will be a review of what was promised and what was in fact purchased. 

For the paltry sum of $18,000 they promised a great deal. It is important to note that membership to the club lasts for 30 years or until all benefits were used up, whichever comes first. Here is a brief list of the benefits they claimed that members would receive:

  • $7,000 in Hard Rock Cash
  • 2 free trips for two to a participating Hard Rock Resort
  • 10 + 10 one week stays at a Hard Rock Resort *
  • 30 one week VIP stays anywhere around the world
  • Prices would be fixed for the duration of membership

* 10 trips at 50% off the regular price with an additional $2k Hard Rock Cash for the first 4 years (Match Play Weeks), then 10 very heavily discounted weeks with no Hard Rock Cash (Celebrity Weeks)

The first two points mentioned above, the $7k Hard Rock Cash and 2 Free Trips, seem to be on point. I have yet to try either of them because, as mentioned previously, I am in a battle for a refund due to the problems below, but everything seems to check out on paper.

The 10 + 10 Hard Rock stays is my first point of contention. They promised the first trip was at 50% off with an additional $2k in Hard Rock cash for the first 4 years of membership, and the second 10 would be at over 90% discount or close to free but with no Hard Rock Cash. The reality, unfortunately, is quite different. For starters, the first 10 trips are barely cheaper than what you can find on sites like Expedia, and are actually more expensive if you bring children because they charge an additional $52/day for kids, something Expedia and other sites do not. The second 10 are much cheaper, for sure, but only if you’re traveling as a couple, again if you bring children the price jumps significantly, making the second trip about 50% off. This blatant fabrication already makes membership to Legendary Preferred Destinations a scam, but unfortunately there’s still more.

For the 30 one week VIP trips, things are also a bit convoluted. These one week stays are simply time share exchanges, where you can book a one week stay at a timeshare anywhere in the world for only $300 through RCI, or so the RCI rep tells me. Again, I haven’t booked anything so I can’t say for certain, but that is how things look right now. Personally, I like travel in style, and I made that very clear to the salesman, hence his insistence that these weeks would be of 5* hotels. Sure, $300/week is incredibly cheap, but when promised 5* hotels and then you see it is simply someone’s timeshare, your impression becomes greatly diminished. 

Unfortunately, there is yet one more piece of deception. Prices are subject to change from year to year. This should be reasonably obvious to most, I didn’t believe the salesman at all when he mentioned that prices were fixed, but it is worth mentioning in case others find this perk too enticing.

To recap, here is what they really offer for $18,000:

  • $7,000 in Hard Rock Cash
  • 2 free trips for two to a participating Hard Rock Resort
  • 10 + 10 one week stays at a Hard Rock Resort * 
  • 30 one week time share stays anywhere around the world
  • Prices will likely change from year to year

* 10 trips at full price with $2k Hard Rock Cash for the first 4 years (Match Play Weeks), then 10 discounted weeks with no Hard Rock Cash (Celebrity Weeks)

For $18,000 this deal is a complete rip off. The $7k Hard Rock Cash and two free trips make it a bit better, but the 10 + 10 resort stays are practically worthless, because who would want to visit a single resort 20 times? When you consider that it is cheaper to book through Expedia if you are bringing 2 kids or more, this deal becomes all the worse. As for the timeshare stays, this is definitely something worthwhile, where can you find a one week stay for only $300? But, once you take into account that you spent $18,000 for this, the $300 one week stay loses its luster.

I hate being lied to, and I hate falling for such obvious deceit, which further fuels my angst towards Legendary Preferred Destinations. I hope that my bank will be able to resolve this and issue me a full refund for this grossly fraudulent sales strategy. For a detailed look into the Legendary sales team’s tactics, you should spend some time reviewing my previous post on them.