Dubai Is Slowly Becoming The World’s Most Intriguing City

Dubai has become the New York City of the world almost overnight.  Only 96 percent of its population were born in a foreign land, compared to New York’s 36 percent.  What exactly is drawing all of these people to this new and mysterious land?


In a world where people are pushing to “buy local” every day, Dubai goes against the mold.  There are no suburbs there, only skyscrapers and then desert.  This means that everything that you buy is an exotic luxury that is flown in from another part of the world.


The fact that it sprung up so quick has drawn many celebrities to the city.  Some of them are there to visit somewhere that isn’t so crowded.  Others are being paid to be there to draw more visitors through performances and make appearances.


The majority of its population is young and wealthy enough to pick up and more there.  This has led to a very lively nightlife that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world.  From frozen clubs to guys showing up with pet Leapords, you will find some of the weirdest things you have ever seen in Dubai.

Dubai indoor skiing

Indoor Skiing

Dubai hosts a huge indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert.  Located at the entrance of one of the world’s largest malls, the resort also houses penguins that are allowed to roam the grounds at certain times throughout the day.  Being in the middle of the desert, they provide winter clothing for the price of admission to keep skiers safe.