Verona – one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Italy.  And to lovers of Shakespeare, Verona is the city where the “LOVE” lives.


One of the most visited sites (of course) – Juliet’s house. Previously, it belonged to the family of Dal Capello. Now in front of the house there is a bronze statue of Juliet. Legend has it that if you touch her ​​breasts, it will bring good luck in love.01s

The walls inside the arch leading to the balcony of Juliet, for years, replenished with love letters.02_Verona

The patio, as the tradition holds, covered with locks as a sign of strong and undying love:


Verona is a city which preserved many its historic monuments. Arena di Verona – the amphitheater, the third-largest surviving in Italy, built in I century AD. e. For generations, the arena was the site of gladiator fights, and knight’s tournaments. Today, on the ancient stage, performed known opera singers:



One of the symbols of the city – the Madonna Verona fountain, set in the center of Erbe square. It is believed that if you throw a coin into the fountain, it will bring success in business:


Piazza Erbe, or “grass area” – the most famous square in Verona, located on the site of an ancient forum. Now this place is used for various fairs:


Lamberti Tower – the tallest building in Verona, its height is 84 meters. The tower was built in 1172, by the Verona Lamberti family, in whose honor the building was named. At the top there is an observation deck, which offers a spectacular view of the city.09_Verona


Verona gives an unforgettable impression when you just wonder on its many streets, where you can meet a lot of old buildings and cathedrals:12_Verona





Verona Cathedral is the main Catholic cathedral of the city. Its interior is striking in its beauty and luxury:




And certainly it is worthwhile to stroll along the banks of the River Adige. Admire the Ponte Pietra in the rays of the setting sun:



And to conclude a narrative – I don’t care what tour guides will tell you, Verona is worthwhile to visit, it is a beautiful place.  On an other hand, all of the Italy are, just pick up your behinds and… go there!