In the Library of Congress of the USA, there are photographs of Kiev taken about 100 years ago. Thanks to these photographs, we have an opportunity to compare the city of Kiev of today to Kiev as it was a century ago.

They have replaced a monument to Nicholas I with a monument to Taras Shevchenko. Besides, the modern pedestrial looks worse than the old one but still one can catch a likeness between the two photographs.

It is European Square and again its older version looked more complete and cozy. It used to be decorated with a fountain and beautiful arch. Today, it features two halfnaked boys symbolizing friendship between Ukraine and Russia.

A monument to Vladimir the Great has become overgrown with trees.

Sofiyskaya Square has changed a little. They have just built elite residential complexes and and stone paved the area.

The chain bridge looked nicer than the modern one.

Territory surrounding Kiev Monastery of the Caves has become overgrown with trees too. The road became more complicated, they stone paved the embarkment and painted it with graffiti.

The Saint Andrew’s Church. It looks like that post with no wires in the first photo is unreal and has been painted by an artist.

Gorodetsky Street. The building on the right is a conservatory.

Khreshchatyk Street has changed greatly. Its ‘Stalin-era’ architecture is recognizable in many post-Soviet countries.

The Podil is a historic neighborhood and an administrative district in Kiev. The new buildings you see in the upper right corner have been built during the past 12 years.

Dneprovskaya Embarkment.

Entrances into St. Michael’s Cathedral and Kiev Monastery of the Caves.

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