After six years of construction, “Moscow-City Tower” now is the tallest building in Europe” wrote the German edition Financial Times . Its height – 338 meters. Thus, the record of the London skyscraper The Shard, presented this summer and reaching 310 meters in height, broken. This was announced by the president of the Russian group of companies “Mercury”.

The publication says that the effective area “Mercury City Tower” is 174 thousand square meters. At 40 floors are office and retail space, and on the upper floors – Apartment class “luxury”.

However, according to the publication, “Mercury City Tower” could soon lose its title of the tallest building: the next year there in Moscow should be completed an “East Tower complex “Federation”, which will reach 360 meters, while in St. Petersburg  Gazprom will construct a new headquarters, height – over 400 meters.

So, Russia proves once again that it is the country we have to watch, they have something the West is missing, money and a lot of it!  The publication notes that the Moscow in several years can boast the most modern achievements of architecture, contrary to recession we have here.