Do you get bored while taking a piss? At least the bored men at The Exhibit Bar in London, won’t be complaining as they will be able to play the world’s first urine-controlled video game while taking a leak. Check the video –


Developed in Britain after three years of research, it is hoped the world-first system will make money for bar owners through advertising.

Designer Gordon MacSween said: “We weren’t sure how people would react, but on the first night after we installed it, a group of America servicemen were in the bar.

“I heard one of them coming out of the toilet, high-fiving his mate saying, ‘Twelve!’

“His pals were saying ‘No way dude!’ and going off to play and compete, and I thought, this is good.

“Because of where it is, and you’ve got a minute of a guy’s time, it’s a great time to put messages in front of him.

“We’ve already carried adverts for products whose sales have gone up by 40 and 50 per cent, so they are very keen to use it as a promotional tool.”

He added: “Because people are having a laugh, there’s a lot less vandalism — people tend to get less angry.

“During testing, we tended to drink a lot of water so that we could play it more often.”


The system was trialled at a bar in Cambridge before opening at The Exhibit in London last weekend.

Players are encouraged to share their high scores on Twitter.