Tom West, 71-year self-proclaimed farm boy from Poland (Indiana), wanted to sail all around the world on his own boat – so he took the matters in his hand and for the past two years he has been building his sail boat on a converted tennis court in his front yard. It is not your normal boat – it is a 57-foot, 33-ton giant.

It is surprising to see a man, with no experience of building boats or sailing the ocean, to build his own. He plans to start sailing on his boat “Faith” as captain starting next spring for years to different parts of the world like – Greece, China or Italy, maybe the Amazon or the Galapagos — a lot of islands.

“When I was a young man, I thought it would be great to go from port to port,” West told AOL News. “When I was in my 60s, my wife and I went to Hawaii and I did a lot of loafing and playing tennis and saw a lot of boats and started looking on the Internet for plans on building one.”

West isn’t leaving anything up to chance. Although most boats like the one West is building are constructed out of fiberglass, he’s using lots of steel in order to ensure that the vessel is protected from potential pirate attacks.

“We have a steel bar across a door that they’d have to remove, and the door to the master bedroom is made of steel,” he said.

According to the Brazil Times, the boat is also housed with various pumps, radios, hydraulic systems and four individual power sources for maneuverability. “The goal out on the open sea is to use the sail and the wind,” West said.

He said other amenities include enough room inside for 12 people to sleep comfortably, two complete bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, a lounge and a large technology/navigation center.

There’s also plenty of room for any family that might decide to sail with them — up to 100 people, but West’s wife, Marsha, says she “can’t imagine we’d want that many.”Source:

Reminds of this guy called – Noah!

Best of the luck to the couple for their voyages ahead on the boat!