5 Easy Ways Technology Can Protect your Home or Business in Denmark

Protecting your property is always important. Even in Denmark, one of the safest countries in the world, thousands of property thefts take place every year.

Fortunately, modern technology is making it easier for Danes to protect their property. Find out how you can leverage modern technology to create a safer environment today.


1) Use LastPass or KeepPass to Lock Down Passwords Forever

In our modern world, a thief who gains access to your passwords and PIN codes might as well have access to your entire life.

What could a thief do if he had your credit card number? What about your Social Security Number? What about your Facebook password or the password to your mobile banking account?

That’s why services like LastPass and KeepPass are becoming so popular. These services keep your passwords locked down in a secure vault. You can store as many passwords as you want. All passwords are hidden in encrypted files – so even if LastPass or KeepPass did have a data leak, the data would all be encrypted and could not be read by hackers.


Let’s be honest: too many of us keep our passwords in unencrypted .txt or Excel documents on the computer. These services let you avoid that security disaster waiting to happen. 


2) Install GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are cheap and easy to install. If you’re tracking a vehicle or a smaller valuable item, then GPS trackers can be an easy way to monitor that item’s location at all times.

If you’re worried about your vehicle being stolen, for example, then most amateur car thieves won’t think to look for a GPS unit prior to taking the vehicle. You can discretely install a GPS tracker then track its location at all times.

3) Receive Instant Notifications to your Mobile Device

As mentioned in the first tip, modern security systems are often linked with our mobile devices in more ways than ever before. They often send instant notifications to your mobile device when an alarm is triggered or movement is detected. If you need a discrete way to check up on your home or business, then these instant notifications can help you use modern technology to its full potential.

One of the best parts about using instant notifications to protect your home or business is that you can receive instant notifications from almost anywhere: the notifications are sent via SMS, so as long as you have some sort of mobile connection, you’ll be able to check up on your home.

4) Use Modern Fences and Gates

This tip is particularly valuable for people who are protecting their business properties in Denmark. If you have an industrial lot or warehouse you want to protect, then modern fences and gates can help. These fences and gates are outfitted with modern technology – like a svingbom or a rocker beam that opens with a press of the button on your smartphone.

DTV Transition has a good write-up on how to use fences and gates to protect your property in Denmark. The write-up is entirely in Danish and has a detailed description of Hegn and Porte (fences and doors in Danish).

Obviously, using fences and doors to protect your property is as old as human civilization itself. But today’s technology has given us sensor-fitted fences, keypad doors, and other valuable pieces of technology you might not have considered using. 


5) Always Monitor your Home or Business with Mobile Devices

Just because you’re away at work doesn’t mean you have to leave your home unprotected: mobile devices can be on at all times in order to protect your property.

Most modern security systems come with apps that let you check in on your home or business. One popular app called AtHome Camera lets you setup a camera, then trigger that camera whenever motions or noise are detected. The app lets you view live video feeds of your home throughout the day.

All you need to do is buy a camera – or multiple cameras – and strategically install them throughout the home.

Most people use apps like this to check up on pets or make sure elderly relatives are okay – but if you want peace of mind for your home or business, these apps can give you that peace of mind in an easy and affordable way.