In response to the regular censorship FEMEN have been subjected to over the years, the girls stormed Ukraine’s first major Internet Forum with chants of “Fucking Bathhouse” and “No Internet Censorship”. Over the years, FEMEN has been subject to, what they consider, extreme censorship with regards to Facebook, Picasa and YouTube. Unfortunately for FEMEN, this censorship is well documented by the sites indecency laws, and have little to do with their movement. 

The girls, however, don’t see it this way. They feel like they are being singled out and deserve to be heard. The speakers of the Forum, however, seem to have different things on their mind. It looks like they can’t wipe the smiles off their faces … probably because many of these geeks have only seen tits on their computer screens.

Just my advice to the girls … start again on these sites, but be careful what you post. Westerners aren’t so liberal when it comes to Frontal Nudity as Eastern Europeans. If you want to be heard there, you should at the very least only show images where you have your clothes on. However, you can always provide a link to your blog, or Mizozo, where people can see the full story.

Since this was a major internet forum, the press was rolling and the following videos are available (unfortunately, they are in Russian)

Of course, the photos: