So, have you been given the task of selecting the best search engine optimization company which can provide you with a wide array of online marketing services for your company? You must have tried searching Google by entering your location and you have been given more than 300 SEO firms. It is very obvious that you will start searching with the company at the top of the search engine results. But you should be aware at the same time that there’s more to it than just contacting the companies which appear at the top of the SERPs. What are some of the more factors which you need to take into account before choosing an internet marketing company? If you’re not aware of them, here are some points to check out.

1. The SEO company should have an impressive website: Before you take the plunge to hire an SEO company, you should make sure that they have an impressive website. Although it’s not always true that a company with a nice-looking website will be able to offer you the best services but it is to some extent true. How can a firm work to design your company’s website when they don’t have an impressive website of their own? This is why you should probably consider how their website looks before hiring them. However, don’t base all your decisions on the look of their website as there’s more to it.

2. The firm holding #1 position is not always the best: You must be thinking that the firm that has ranked #1 in the Google search engine rank pages is the best in that particular geographical location. There are companies who have ranked #1 in Utah but does that mean that their services were the best in Utah? Not really! Don’t base your decisions on such silly factors as there are 100 other SEO companies targeting the same keywords. Make informed decisions.

3. A company that has many employees is not the best: One more mistake committed by people is that they think that the firm which has employed hundreds of employees is certainly making millions and hence they must be doing well. Yes, that company may be good at something but that doesn’t mean that it always has to be SEO. Their size may be big because they know the secret of forming the right partnerships. Remember that bigger is not always better. Even a single guy working in a startup SEO firm might offer you the best services.

4. References: Did you make a comprehensive market research among your friends and well-wishers? When you find a company ranking high above in the SERPs, ask for references. Read the customer reviews, the comments and the feedback of the people who’ve already used their services. Hire them only if you believe in what people say about them.

So, when it comes to hiring the right internet marketing company, you should take into account the above mentioned points and factors.