Here are some archival photos on home appliances of yesteryear. Today we cannot imagine life without washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other appliances, but once these things are just coming into a  fashion … and we were wary them, as we human always are about something new.   Any of you people can remember at least some of those gadgets I am posting? 


gadgets01 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня 

1. This dishwasher “Charles Colston”, made in England. The first dishwasher was patented in 1886, Josephine Cochrane, but they were used only in enterprises because of the huge amount of water needed for its operation. Household washing machines came into use in the 1970s.

gadgets02 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

2. The first electric hair dryer was invented in 1890 by the owner of a French beauty salon Kodfoy Alexander. This aluminum dryer of 1925 had two settings and wooden handle.

gadgets03 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

3. Radio «Regency TR-1″ was the smallest wireless radio, which appeared on the market in 1955.

gadgets04 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

4. William Henry Hoover acquired the patent for the vacuum cleaner in 1908. This was the first commercial version – “Model 0”, which was used in the 1920s.

gadgets05 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

5. The first commercially successful toaster – D12, released by «General Electric» in 1909. British firm called «Crompton & Company» has created an electric toaster in 1893.

gadgets06 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

6. Hey, the first cell phone «DynaTAC 800x» could offer 30 minutes of talk time or 8 hours in the off position. He was released in 1983, it cost… 3995 dollars.  You could buy a new car for that price!

gadgets07 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

7. Microwave oven was invented in 1946. It was released in the U.S. in the late 1940s and in the UK – in 1959. This model is of the late 1960s.

gadgets08 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

8. Electric washing machine appeared in 1906. The one in the photo is dated 1927. It was one of the first models with an electric mixer.

gadgets10 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня.

9. Refrigerator “with monitor top”.  Came out in 1927 and took its name from of the compressor the top of it, which resembled a cylindrical tower. It was the first refrigerator made entirely of steel, not wood.

gadgets11 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

10. People experimented with an electric kettle since 1890-s., But the first kettle with submersible heater was manufactured by «Swan Company» in 1922. He could heat 2.8 liters of water for 9 minutes.

gadgets12 Бытовые приборы вчерашнего дня

11. Relatively futuristic 8-bit home computer «Commodore VIC-20″ was released in 1980, just before Apple came out with its famous “Apple 2E”.