One of the most misunderstood group of people in the world are the scientists. Since most people get their concept of reality from television, far too many people think of scientists in much the wrong light. Being a scientist has got to be one of the most under appreciated jobs on the planet, predominantly because of this strange perception fed to us by television. XKCD said it best in their very unsubtle comic strip.

Science Montage

So, with that comic in mind, lets take a humorous look at science as it really is. Lets assume scientists said what they actually did and though, rather than cloud everything in magic.

The following images were taken from Reddit, however it seems quite obvious that someone from there simply stole the phrases from overlyhonestmethods’ twitter account and pasted them on various stock images of scientists doing their science thing. With all this blatant stealing of information, I don’t feel so bad re-stealing it and placing them here. Enjoy!