We already posted an article about Israelis GPS application Waze, and now here what is happening at Barcelona.    At the ongoing exhibition in Barcelona Mobil technology, Mobile World Congress 2013, organized by the Association of producers and operators of GSM, on February 26 was named developers of mobile applications that managed to surprise the organizers of past year. In the category “Best Mobile Application” appliqué Waze, developed by Israeli start-up, won the first prize.  And that was expected.

The event, held in the largest exhibition center in Barcelona Fira Gran Via, this year was attended by more than 1,500 companies from around the world. In the final days of the exhibition the traditional awards ceremony Global Mobile Awards. All the participants were divided into six categories, each of which was from 4 to 7 different categories. The jury was 170 independent experts, journalist’s specialized publications, representatives of 13 mobile phone companies. 

Israel has gained its success due to the failure of Apple’s mapping applications on the sixth version of the operating system for mobile phones and tablets. Shortly after the upgrade CEO Tim Cook was forced to apologize to the user and to offer to use alternative applications, including the Israeli start-up, a free application Waze. Soon representatives Waze announced that its applications now have been used by 36 million drivers around the world. 

Waze app not only provides navigation maps, built on the principle of a social network, it allows users to communicate in real-time incident and the general situation on the roads. Sent messages are distributed among motorists who are in the same area as send an alert.