HTC is famous for branching out its smartphones. This is their way to fill the undeserving market niches in the likes of handsets with enhanced audio experience or female oriented handsets.

HTC decided to leverage its audio brand with the help of Beats by Dr. Dre. With this, they created an upgrade to their former Android flagship (Sensation) called HTC Sensation XE.

htc sensation xe HTC Sensation XE   Truly A Sensation Upgrade

So why is this called a Sensation upgrade? This is because the Sensation XE mirrors the latter. It came in with minor changes only. This is in the likes of 3rd generation dual-core processor and new color scheme. It may have the same features as its predecessor but this phone comes in with a pumped processor (1.5GHz) and a powerful battery.

If you look closely at it, you will notice the new red accents. This is where the fine line is drawn. With it, you can never mistake the Sensation XE for the former HTC flagship. The phone’s camera ring and capacitive buttons are all in red as well. Another distinctive mark it its red Beats Audio logo which you will find at the back of the phone. You will also notice that this phone’s back is made out with superb quality of soft-touch plastic. The phone’s back is made in two pieces which are separated diagonally with a brushed aluminum strip (mahogany).

You will also notice a unibody design on this. The phone’s metal strip is part of its unibody aluminum chassis. It comes with curved glass on top of the phone’s 4.3″ LCD display. It protects the phone’s LCD from any type of scratches. This is most especially true when the phone is facing down.

If you look at the phone’s screen, you will notice that it is bright enough even when you are outdoors and under the sun. You will get superb viewing angles on this with matching 256ppi pixel density. When it comes to texts, you will notice how crisp and how the colors are vivid.

The phone shares the same 8MP rear-facing camera with its predecessor. There are also the dots piercing through the phone’s soft-touch plastic back. These are for the phone’s microphone and noise cancellation features.

With the phone’s HTC Sense 3.0 user interface, you will be able to enjoy Android (Gingerbread) like never before. This is because it integrates beautiful graphics in one coherent and seamless mobile experience.

These are just some of the things that will make you enjoy on this Sensation upgrade. This is the HTC Sensation XE, truly a Sensation upgrade.