The Steampunk fad seems unabating over the years, if anything it has gotten stronger. More and more people are getting into it, or at the very least showcasing their wares online.

The most interesting thing to me about steampunk has always been the ingenuity of those pioneering the trend. Its hard to find a good finished product, unless it is mass produced garbage, so the majority of those that really love the game are innovators, inventors or the like.

One such innovator is being showcased here. Taking a Chinese fly phone, the steampunker gutted it, made a brand new case for it complete with all the buttons and nobs, then reassembled a fully working phone. The pseudo-instructional version can be found here (Google Translate is your friend if you can’t read the language).

Rather than translating the instructions, I will just present to you the images. They are more than sufficient for the curious, and can easily be understood by the engineers. What do you think? 

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