Russia’s Sukhoi company tested its newest T-50 jet. Touted as a fifth-generation fighter jet with improved stealth capabilities, the plane actually belongs to 4+ generation.

T-50 is reportedly a reengineered version of the American F/A-22. While puritans might decry Russian habit of stealing foreign designs from Kalashnikoff to T-50, this is a cost-efficient policy.

It would probably take at least five years for Russians to introduce the first squadrons of T-50, about the same time required for F/A-22 delivery to Israel. T-50 is rumored to be offered for export at $50 to 70 million, which would be a quarter to a half of F/A-22 price. Certainly, Russia will be more forthcoming than the US administration in allowing Jews to install our own avionics into the jets. Spending a few billion for Russian jets will do more to stop S-300 sales to iran and S-400 to Syria than any diplomatic pressures.

As usual, the Russian copy will be less reliable than the American original and will have the engine problems that plague Sukhoi’s currently manufactured models, yet they are suprasuffcient for any of IAF’s operations against Muslims.

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