Today, Apple is rumored (to near certainty) to announce its “Tablet”.

Rumors had been floating around about a launch event for Apple’s newest creation, the “Tablet”. Apple has officially announced a product event to be held at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. The invitation reads, “Come see our latest creation.” The event is scheduled to begin 10 a.m., Jan. 27.Source:


Engadget has leaked some new pictures and these seem to be possibly the real ones. Check them below. The second picture shows it with an iPhone, to show the size differences – Tablet seems to be 9 to 10 inches in diagonal as claimed earlier.

Pics: Are you ready for Apple's Tablet?

Pics: Are you ready for Apple's Tablet?


On a totally separate note, we also received a tip claiming to have some specs — we can’t verify any of this either, but we’re told that the device will have a 10-inch screen and look like a larger iPhone with a MacBook-like aluminum back, and that pricing will run $800 on contract with Verizon and $1000 without when it arrives in March. We’re also told that the official name remains a secret and that Apple employees are still calling it by the codename of “K48” — a name we last heard in May from the same source that pegged the iPhone 3GS exactly. This source also tells us that the iPhone will be coming to Verizon as well and that we’ll see iLife ’10 tomorrow, but there won’t be any MacBook updates. A relatively safe set of predictions — which is why we sort of believe them.Source:


Name rumor – Apple owns iSlate and iPad names. I personally like iSlate better, but let us see the real name.

Another couple of hours to go!