In 2007, reports surfaced that some NASA astronauts had flown while intoxicated. Finding a bag of cocaine inside a NASA shuttle hanger doesn’t mean it belonged to NASA astronaut, but it’s still made NASA initiate an investigation.

Last week, a shuttle worker employed by United Space Alliance found a plastic bag with a white powder residue on the floor outside two bathrooms and a janitor’s closet, in Orbital Processing Facility 3. The powder was later confirmed to be cocaine.

As a result of the incident, NASA brought in drug-sniffing dogs, but found nothing. Also, about 200 workers who had access to the area were given drug tests.

The shuttle Discovery is being prepared at the facility for a March launch to the International Space Station (ISS). In addition, NASA engineers are double-checking the work on the shuttle.

The amount of cocaine in the bag was small, and was said to be residue. NASA said that if the drug can be tied to anyone, the employee will be handed over to federal prosecutors. Additionally, they will trace the employee’s work to be sure no mistakes were made.

Originally on SNAFU-ed